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Well, January is wrapping up and we're one step closer to MARCH MADNESS.


We have seven games left in the next four weeks before AAC Tournament play. We are headed down the homestretch.  Every game has helped prepare us for the postseason which is just a month away. I'm proud of what we're doing and we'll take these next seven games one game at a time.  One win at a time is what I'm focused on.


Our Rutgers game last week was a big win for us.  We've never won at Rutgers since we joined the BIG EAST Conference.  It was also one of the toughest road games on our schedule this year.  Rutgers gave us a good game but we were able to execute at the end of the game and came away with a great road victory. 


Two games later, we traveled to Orlando to play UCF.  This game, however, showcased the spurts we continue to go through.  All within a single game, we'll make unbelievable runs, move the ball with ease, do a great job of not turning the ball over, and stack up a double-digit lead.  We have the ability to put good teams away, yet we still haven't been able to consistently do that.  Even though we brought home the win against UCF, our game this Sunday at Connecticut will be a different story.


 I'm sure this is the most anticipated game on our schedule for everyone- the fans, media, and players.  It'll be our most challenging game this year and the best practice we will get to see where we are as a team.  UConn is a great team that is very well-coached.  In order for us to compete with them, we'll have to put together our best game of the year.  The game will be one of the toughest environments we have played in all season.  We'll have to leave everything out there on the court to have a chance to win.    


In other news... My baby girl Lola is coming up on 8 months!  I think she looks more and more like me every day.  Follow me on Twitter @coachjeffwalz to see pictures of her.


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